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Changing Accountants: moving to a new accountant

Switching accountants is easy and doesn’t need to cause stress, effort, or disruption to your business. Despite what an accountant may allude to, it can be a simple process. If changing accountants feels like the right move for you, read on

Why change accountants?

A businesses could look to change accountants due to growth or a change of their business, or their accountants may have grown and changed. Or perhaps working with local accountant will give you the benefit of a more personal service? 

Speak to one of our team about HB Accountants services and fees

We take pride in our connections with clients. Our main goal is to assist you with your business, work together to reach your goals, and ensure your business runs as profitably and tax efficiently as can be.

Understanding who you are and what you need is important to us

We’d like to know the following questions. Share this info with us, and we can give you an idea of our fees. We’re happy to arrange a Teams or in-person meeting to discuss more with you.

  • Sole Trade, LLP or Limited Company?
  • Your full name or name of LLP or Ltd Company
  • Company number (if applicable)
  • Annual Turnover
  • Do you have any employees?
  • Will you be able to analysis out the income/expenditure through the bank statements in spreadsheets so we have a summary of income and the various expenses categories?
  • Could you confirm what accounting software you use and if you have internal accounts people that carry out the day-to-day bookkeeping?
  • Will you be able to summarise any expenditure paid for privately – ie has not gone through the company bank account?
  • Number of people currently on your payroll – which software is being used
  • Are you already submitting a SATR – self assessment tax returns, to report any other sources of income – self employment/rentals/investments etc
  • Which services are you looking for us to potentially undertake: statutory year-end accounts preparation & filing, CT600 corporation tax return preparation and filing, payroll, company secretarial, personal tax return preparation for the directors, P11ds, Management Accounts, etc?
  • Are you/the business VAT registered?
  • If you are VAT registered please confirm if standard scheme or other?
  • Would you require any VAT services or is your company exempt/outside the scope?

If you would like advice on corporation or personal Tax or any other aspect of tax planning or trust registration, please do contact us – the HB team is here to help with all your tax, cash flow, MTD VAT, and accounting questions and can help you make your money work harder for you and your business. If you would like to talk about how we can help you and your business, please feel free to contact the team on 01992 444466.

We’re accountants for business and we’re here to help you survive and grow.

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