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BEWARE: Companies House letter payment demand Scam

Following the recent update to the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill, scammers have been targeting business owners with fake letters and emails claiming to be from Companies House. Letters request a £48 payment to set up enhanced web filing on the Companies House register. This is a scam.

Companies House Web Filing Service

It’s crucial to understand that setting up web filing accounts with Companies House incurs no charges. Beware of scam letters that may appear to be from Companies House, their aim, to deceive and extract money from you. Do not visit any websites or scan any QR code provided in these letters. Don’t be tricked into making a payment.

To help finance directors and business owners avoid falling victim to this scam, we have highlighted important points below:

Important Points:

  • Companies House does not charge for setting up web filing accounts
  • The scam letter looks genuine, using the Companies House logo and address
  • The letter includes an eight-digit payment code and asks for payment via a short URL or QR code
  • Warning Signs: Government bodies do not use shortened URLs for payments


  • Do not follow any instructions in such letters
  • Always verify payment demands directly with Companies House

Scam emails from Companies House

Some people have reported receiving phishing emails in the form of a request to download documents about the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill second reading.

If you’ve received one of these emails forward it to and then delete it.

Do not try to view any attachments contained in the email.

Scam telephone call from Companies House

Companies house will never contact you by telephone to find out who your officers are, or ask for secure information.

If anyone calls you claiming to be from Companies House asking for this information – try to get a return telephone number and contact Companies House immediately on 0303 1234 500

What else can I do to protect my business

Knowledge is power. Keep up to date on latest scams, always check email addresses and always check with Companies House. Click here for more examples of recent Companies House scams and for more information to help you stay vigilant.

As a finance director and or business owners, you must stay vigilant to protect your business from scams.

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