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Strengthening Our Team: Building a Vigilant Workforce at HB Accountants

Accountants play a vital role in preventing serious crimes like human trafficking by being watchful and reporting suspicious financial activities. HB Accountants are serious about this responsibility. Strengthening our team and building a vigilant workforce is paramount. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory part of our commitment to professional ethics. We ensure our team stays well-informed by using resources such as the ICAEW‘s AML educational drama, “All Too Familiar.”

HB Director Karen Chase says “the impact of purpose-driven drama in our training sessions works. “All Too Familiar” was tailor-made to sharpen our corporate governance practices by illustrating potential risks through storytelling. And you know what? Storytelling is an absolute gem when it comes to training.

Strengthening our Team

Fast forward a week, we had a reflection session. We used questions to dig deeper into the valuable insights we’d gathered during the training. It’s all about reinforcing our dedication to excellence in corporate governance and risk management.

To make sure that our entire team was on the same page, we made it a collective effort. We all sat down together, watched the film, and then engaged in a lively Q&A discussion to keep things interactive.

Buildling a Vigilent Workforce

We schedule any new starter or work experience placement to take part in our “All Too Familiar” workshop. The onboarding team in particular, are fundamental, in picking up anything unusual with new clients. The film draws attention to the fact that some people who approach the practice “may be” trying to mislead and “may not” be good individuals”.

The ICAEW’s “All Too Familiar” film really drove home to me that money laundering isn’t just avoiding paying your taxes. It’s so much more than that, money laundering is linked to more crimes than I had associated it to, drug trafficking, terrorism and modern slavery


At HB, we take our onboarding process seriously, and we’ve been fortunate not to encounter any issues so far. It’s crucial to ensure that our entire team is well-prepared and sharp-eyed, ready to spot anything that might seem suspicious.

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