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How Long Do I Have To Live In A Property To Get Tax Relief When Selling It?

Principal Private Residence (PPR) relief can wipe out or significantly reduce the tax you owe when selling your home. A Principal Private Residence (PPR) is a house or apartment which you own and occupy as your only, or main, residence.

There isn’t a simple answer so speak to your tax adviser. You must prove that you intended to make it your permanent residence.

You might face issues if you can’t prove that you:

  • Registered to vote at the property
  • Recieved utility bills in your name at the home
  • Registered for council tax

Make sure that all of your paperwork is in order to avoid any problems!

This leads us onto another popular question:

How long do you have to file a Capital Gains Tax Return after selling your house?

When you sell a second property that is not your main residence (including inherited or gifted properties), you typically need to file a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) property disposal return within 60 days of completing the sale, unless the property has resulted in a loss. This is important for ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations regarding the reporting and payment of Capital Gains Tax on property disposals.

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