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A New Beginning at HB Accountants: Sophie’s Journey as a Business Administration Apprentice

I’m delighted to introduce you to Sophie, the latest addition to our HB Accountants team. Sophie has joined Team HB as a Business Administration apprentice. It’s been only two days, but Sophie’s enthusiasm and positive vibes are already making an impact

Can You Move From An Existing Job to an Apprenticeship at 24 years old?

Before Sophie joined us, she had worked in retail for over four and a half years. While her time in retail was valuable, she was eager for a fresh challenge that offered her the room to grow. When the opportunity to join us as an apprentice came her way, she grabbed it with both hands, and it’s proven to be a fantastic decision for us.

Welcoming Sophie to Team HB Accountants

In the short time she’s been here, Sophie has quickly become a part of our tight-knit team. Her warm and dedicated personality fits right in, and there’s a real sense of unity among us. What adds a unique touch to Sophie’s journey with us is that her brother, Ben, also started his career here as an apprentice. It’s a connection we treasure, and it adds a personal touch to Sophie’s presence in our team.

Sophie’s brother Ben had forewarned her about our love of cake as Sophie rocked up on her first day (the day after her birthday weekend and completely unplanned by us), with, you guessed it, cupcakes for everyone! – thank you Sophie!!

One of the things Sophie is most excited about is completing her Level 3 Qualification:

Learning new skills in a professional setting, within a fabulous team, it is a win!

Sophie Blackmore | Business Administration Apprentice

HB Accountants believe the knowledge and experience Sophie gains during her time here will be a valuable asset not only for her but for the entire team.

Understand the Strength in Building Connections during Apprenticeship

Additionally, Sophie is looking forward to connecting with her colleagues in the office, working alongside Vicki and networking with professionals at various events. Building relationships is a key part of any career, and Sophie’s proactive approach to networking aligns perfectly with our values.

Diving into the World of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Sophie’s journey at HB Accountants took a significant step forward with her first encounter with an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) course. In the constantly changing realm of accountancy, remaining vigilant and well-informed about the most recent regulations is essential. Discover more about our innovative approach to training through our purpose-driven drama in training sessions.

Why Employers Offer Apprenticeships

As we continue to support and mentor Sophie in her new role, we’re genuinely excited to see her grow, both personally and professionally. Sophie’s arrival as a Business Administration apprentice at HB Accountants is a fantastic opportunity, and we look forward to witnessing her development and accomplishments as she embraces our dynamic and welcoming environment.

Please join us in welcoming Sophie, and stay tuned for more updates and insights into her experiences as she becomes an integral part of our team

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